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Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding videography

Why should I get a wedding film?

A wedding film is a great way to be able to capture the atmosphere of your special day. You are almost always going to be feeling rushed on the day, but there are so many emotions and details that you won't have time to notice. The wedding film offers a chance to re-live and share your wedding day with family and friends - now and into the future.

I am not comfortable around cameras

Most people are very nervous when in front of a camera. There is no need to worry! I will make sure I guide you through the steps, and most of the time you won't even notice that I'm shooting a video in the background. I will make sure I capture the best moments without distracting you or the guests. I believe that the natural emotions are the best ones to capture.

Can we choose the music for our wedding film?

I aim to capture music played on the day to be used as part of the film as much as possible. For our highlight films, I will need to incorporate legally purchased music with proper licensing, i.e.  I aim to find the perfect music to fit the ambience of the wedding - whether it is joyful, romantic, cinematic etc.

Can I make suggestions on how I want my wedding video to be?

 I am very open to hearing what you would like in the wedding video. However in order to create the best film for you, I need to have creative control over all aspects of my work and this includes visual and sound.

How is the video delivered?

The wedding film will be sent via online downloadable link which will be available for one month, and also uploaded to my website and Facebook page for easy sharing. The video will also be delivered on a special USB.


Can you hold my date?

I handle all bookings on a first come-first serve basis. A 30% deposit is required to secure your booking on the desired date.

When is the final balance due?

The final balance must be paid within 2 weeks post-wedding day.

Can we meet you before booking?

Yes! I insist on having a face to face meeting with both of you if you're in Auckland or a video call for all other regions.

It is very important that we talk through the expectations and how the day will go before the wedding. I suggest we meet around 3 month prior and again 1-2 weeks prior.


Do you travel for wedding films? 

Yes! I am based in Auckland but am happy to travel. Please contact me regarding your wedding location and I can quote you the travel cost.

Wedding day

Do we need to organise a hot meal for you?

After a long day of filming, I would be pretty hungry so this would be very much appreciated! I don't need anything fancy though and are happy to find a quiet corner to have a quick bite before jumping back into it.

Do you work with other wedding photographers and videographers?

Yes! I communicate well with the other vendors on the day so we can all get the best shots! I also know many other venues, photographers and videographers in the industry and I am happy to provide recommendations.

Wedding Videgraphy
Wedding day
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